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We are an amazing group of individuals with extensive knowledge of fine art, framing, and photography to help you get your art cataloged, no matter where it is located.  We are 100% efficient and confidential, and  have worked on a vast collection of art.
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Sara Lamp-Goodwin

Art has defined my love for life!  I was  raised in a fine art frame shop for the first 18 years of my life, then owned my own shop for 15 years.  I have spent the vast majority of my life around every variety of art.  Growing up in Los Angeles, I worked with so many amazing designers and artists, this lifetime of experience has helped me realize that there is very little time for cataloging art. I have been more than fortunate enough to help my family, friends, various artists, and high end clients catalog their homes, studios, and offices. I am here to provide you with the same quality services as well. I can honestly say that I do not believe you will disappointed in the work I will provide. 

Deanna McLaughlin

With a Bachelor's degree in Public Relations, I will bring a little bit of organization to this operation. While my knowledge and passion for fine art may not be the same as Sara's or Kristine's, my passion for a satisfied client is. I will provide each of our clients with the same detailed attention that Sara and Kristine will give each of your pieces of art. I guarantee that working with Artistic Index is an infallible investment for the preservation of your art.

Kristine Caoile-Adkins

Art is about love and happiness! I have earned a Bachelor's degree in studio art and photography.  I have spent all of my time after college working in various Fine art Frame shops in Las Vegas and Los Angeles.  I have a passion for working on "specialty projects" such as rare and precious silk scarves as well as a vast amount of fine art.  I have experience with cataloging art and artists for various charity events, and have a passion for helping others. I am here to provide you with the same passion and quality of work I have provided others with in the past. 

Jason Goodwin

My passion for art is seen through the lens of my camera.  With over 10 years of photography experience, I will bring a different vision to this organization, and will provide you with the same pride, respect, and professionalism as the rest of the Artistic Index staff.

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